The founder of Bhutan Herders, Karma Tshetem, has been in the tourism industry for twelve years and has made a name for himself as certified trekker and cultural guide. An avid nature lover, Karma is fully certified by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling, mail order brides take my online class for meIndia, and he also obtained trekking guide qualification from the Austrian Tourism Ministry.

Thus, Karma has acquired massive trekking experience on all treks in Bhutan inclresearch papers online assignment orderuding the tough Snowman Trek. In fact, it is Karma’s greatest achievement to have completed this trek 10 times.

Karma enjoys meeting people from all parts of the world and introducing them the amazing nature and cultural life of Bhutan as well as taking them on magical explorations of the Himalayas. Karma is also a good photographer and has built a collection of beautiful pictures during his travels throughout Bhutan. Outside of the tourist seasons he enjoys travelling to other parts of the world, observing different cultures and making new friends.

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