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Bhutan boasts well preserved forests and breathtaking snow capped mountains. These present challenging yet beautiful trekking routes to visiting guests.

Trekking in general means walking into nature / wilderness along or in a group, and may span over days or months. Trekking routes in Bhutan present themselves in different ways. Due to the challenging terrain, things will be ported by either yaks or mules, not humans.

Despite the small population of Bhutan, there is settlement in almost all parts of the country starting from high mountains to the southern belt. Because of this trekkers will get to see settlements in almost all the trek routes in Bhutan. This gives you the chance to experience diverse social and cultural practices of different parts of Bhutan while enjoying the rich natural beauty in high mountains. Trekking in Bhutan offers holistic experience – natural beauty while interacting with local people.

Your back to nature experience will also be enhanced by sleeping in tents along the trek routes. This is the best way to see and be one with nature that is so well preserved while remaining safe. The relatively untouched Bhutan nature will make you feel as if you are the first to explore that wilderness.

Come taste the fresh natural mountain spring water and see the early morning sun kissing the snow capped mountains – and bring home memories that will remain with you for life.

  • Dochula Treks (7 Nights/ 8 Days)
  • Sinchula Treks (7 Nights/ 8 Days)
  • Sagala Treks (7 Nights/ 8 Days)
  • Samtengang Winter Treks (8 Nights/ 9Days)
  • Druk Path Treks (10 Nights/11 Days)
  • Dagala Treks (10 Nights/11 Days)
  • Jomolhari Treks 2 / Dodena Treks (14 Nights/15 Days)
  • Jomolhari Treks 1 /Jomolhari Circuits Treks (10 Nights/11Days)
  • Abdominal Snowman Treks / Merak and Sakten Treks (20 Nights/21 Days)
  • Laya Gasa Treks (18 Nights/ 19 Days)
  • Snow Man Treks (28 Nights/ 29 Days)