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The Trashigang district the most densely populated district in Bhutan. Raw silk weaving is popular in the Radhi village. Semi-nomadic peoples live in the north east side of Trashigang and have unique customs.

Trashigang Dzong

Trashigang Dzong, which means ‘the fortress of the auspicious mountain’, was built by Pekar Choepel in 1659 on the order from Trongsa Penlop. The site of the Dzong was occupied in the 12th century by one of the kings in the eastern Bhutan, who settled there and built fort which he named Bengkhar.


It is 24 km from Trashigang town and is one of the most famous places where Guru Rimpoche meditated to subdue a demon which lived in the big rock. The small temple was built in the 17th century under the orders of Trongsa Penlop Minjur Tempa. It contains statues of Gururimpoche and Chenerize.

Rangjung Yozercholing Gonpa

It is 18 km drive from Trashigang town, follwing the Gamrichu takes half hours drive.