Custom Information

Travelers will be required to complete the passenger deceleration form upon arrival. Travelers are allowed to bring in the following items –
1. Personal belongings.
2. Alcohol (wine or spirit) – up to 1 liter.
3. Up to 200 pieces of cigarettes with payment of 100% custom tax.
4. Video and / or photography equipment for personal use.
5. Instrument and apparatus for personal use.

The tour package booked will include the following services:
1. Accommodation in the standard hotels approved by the Tourism Counsel of Bhutan.
2. All meals.
3. Land transportation and sightseeing.
4. Professional English speaking tour guide.
5. Entrance fees to all monuments.
6. Government royalty and taxes.

Sales of Tobacco in bhutan is banned since 2005 and in 2011 the country began enforcing the Tobacco Control Act, passed overwhelmingly in June, which allows agents of the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency to raid the homes and businesses of those suspected of possessing or selling smuggled tobacco. However visitors who still want to smoke privately are allowed to import 200 cigarette “sticks” a month, Therefore you need to delcare in the airport paying 100% custom duty & 100% tax and need to avil customs paperwork to prove they acquired the cigarettes legally.

Anyone caught smoking who can’t produce the proper receipts faces up to three years in prison. For selling bootleg tobacco, the penalty is five years. And Bhutan’s government has publicly proclaimed that it wants to make the country completely tobacco-free.

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